Today we move into the 2nd chapter of the gospel of John and what are we met with but a wedding.  We’ve been really fortunate here that in the last 18 months we’ve had 2 weddings of young people that we love and admire and there is another one coming up in May.  So, we all have an insight as to just what might be going on at the wedding reception and how important it is that all the guests are happy and satisfied.

Weddings ooze abundance and extravagance.  Not always in the location, the food or the amount of money spent on them but there is a special feeling of love and joy at a wedding, and I’m sure that if you think back to the last wedding you were at you would agree.  In the words of the chief steward or MC of this wedding in Cana the best wine was saved to last and the guests were given a true blessing not only by the quality of the wine but also by the quantity.

It is an interesting story to place so early in John’s gospel. It is the very first sign given by Jesus that things were hotting up and a new thing was beginning to happen. Yet the one who was the sign was reluctant to show himself as such. It is a sideways glance, perhaps, into Jesus’ humanity: wondering about himself as well as juggling to work out the right time.

Of course, John refrains to speak of miracles. For John, all these activities of Jesus are ‘signs’ because, like a hand pointing in a particular direction, the sign points us to the one about whom this is all about. These ‘signs’ are not acts in and for themselves. That is like saying it is the hand that points that is the miracle. These signs point to what this all means and directly to the person that en-fleshes that meaning. So, it is more ‘who’ than ‘what’, which is perhaps a lesson for the church to recognise itself simply as a sign pointing to something greater. When it locks itself into being its own meaning, it forgets what it is it is pointing towards.

This is a challenge for us.  We must continue to point to Jesus as the true sign to an abundant life filled with love, forgiveness, righteousness and justice.

Jay Robinson


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