Well this week we’ve jumped a bit in our reading of John and find ourselves in chapter 9.  Some of the signs we’ve missed are the healing of the official’s son, the healing of the paralysed man at the pool, Jesus feeding the 5000 men, Jesus walking on water, questions about Jesus’ teaching and authority, the woman caught in adultery and Jesus declaring his is the light of the world.  I really recommend you sitting down and reading chapters 4 to 9 to catch up to where we are.

Our passage this morning throws up all sorts of options.  Exploring it, we could get lost down any number of rabbit holes. A, by now common for Jesus, healing turns into a real can of worms. The actual healing becomes almost incidental in all the other things going on in this gospel passage.

We begin with questions around the cause of the blindness – is it because of the parent’s sin or the mans?  Jesus’ response to this questioning is that what is happening is in order to show the light of God.  So, in essence, this healing also becomes a great teaching opportunity.

Then we have the fact that the blind man’s neighbours can’t recognise him now that he is no longer blind.  We also have teaching about coming out of the darkness into the light, being blind and now seeing, being blind and still not seeing, and of course the Pharisees bring up the traditional charge against Jesus of healing on the Sabbath.

The transformation that happens in this man is amazing, and we are not even given his name!  As he tells people of this transformation he is doubted and questioned, upsetting the Pharisees even further because he calls Jesus a prophet. In fact, this nameless blind man doesn’t stop there but tells the Pharisees that the man who healed him could not be a sinner and asks them if they would like to become Jesus’ disciples as well!  The fact that Jesus heals him can only mean that he was from God.

And so we end this story with the spiritual blindness of the Pharisees and their continued lack of belief and being able to see what God is doing around them.  Let’s us not get to that place in our lives!

Jay Robinson


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