Over the next 8 or 9 days we are going to gather to worship at least 3 times, maybe more depending on if you come to all the services.

Like Easter, this time of Christmas is a time of amazement and worship.  Amazement in that God so loved us that God sent Christ to us.  To show us that love, to teach us how to live as God wants us to live and to walk with us through our everyday lives.  God’s gift to us all.

There is a video clip I’ve used a couple of times entitled “A baby changes everything”, in fact I used this clip in the last Sonder service I led.  At this time of the coming of the Christ child how true that is! That a Saviour is born, Christ the Lord, God Emmanuel has changed everything.  I’m sure those of you with children will remember the changes that happened when your children were born, and those changes were more than just nappies and sleepless nights.  When a child is born our hearts swell to welcome them into our lives, our thoughts move from just about us to be all about them, we are never the same again, everything has changed.  This change can happen even when we are not the parents of that child, a baby can indeed change everything.

So that is what we are celebrating at this time, the coming of the Christ child who will change everything.  As we move from Christmas Eve to Christmas morning we will continue to tell the story of that night, and some of the words we’ll use will be a little different and some will be very familiar.

Than as we move to the following Sunday and News Year’s Eve we’ll reflect on what this all means.  How does the birth of the Child change us and the things around us?  How should we approach this new year that is upon us?  What is ahead of us as we begin 2018?  One thing for sure is that there will be challenges, things will not go as smoothly as we would wish for, and there will be joy and sadness on the way.  But the overarching certainty is, because of the Christ Child, we will not be alone as we journey through the year.  Christ has come, the gift of God, just for us, hallelujah!

Jay Robinson


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