We’ve moved on a few generations and are now in the story of Joseph and his amazing technicolour dreamcoat – sorry that’s the musical tragic in me.

We spent a bit of time in the story of Joseph at the beginning of 2017 but didn’t actually spend time in this part of the story.  I was going to use the bit of the musical that covered this but I didn’t think it was really worship material and the Time Life video strayed too far away from the actual Biblical text.  So, we’ll just take it as we read it.

Bigger than life, Joseph seems to keep falling on his feet. He escapes death at the hands of his brothers by being sold into slavery.  He becomes slave to Potiphar but is diligent in his work and becomes a trusted servant put in charge of much.  He catches the eye of Potiphar’s wife and learns to never scorn a woman. She seeks revenge for Joseph’s lack of interest in her and so Joseph ends up in prison.  Once in prison the chief goaler begins to rely on him and Joseph is put in charge of caring for all the other prisoners.  Talk about a life full of ups and downs!

The constant thing in Joseph’s life, and in fact in Noah’s life and in Abram’s life is God’s presence with him.  We are told that God showed Joseph ‘steadfast love’ and because of this he found favour in the sight of his captors.  As the rest of the story unfolds Joseph continues this ability to find favour in the sight of Pharaoh and others of power as he continues to trust in God.

This little part of the Joseph story, like the little parts of the larger stories we’ve dipped into over the past couple of weeks, all make up an even larger story, or metanarrative it could be called, of God’s commitment, steadfast love and continual presence in the lives of God’s people.  It hopefully speaks to us and reminds us how much God loves us and wishes to be part of our lives.  So much so that God sent Jesus to live with us and show us God’s love.

This story tells us what our focus should be, to maintain confidence in God who has seen it all before and goes on loving people into fullness of life.

Jay Robinson


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