As we move further into John’s gospel we are currently in the days immediately leading up to the crucifixion.  We will go back during Holy Week to look again at some of these stories but for now let’s just experience the journey with Jesus.

Jesus has gathered with his disciples, and probably with some others, to share the Passover meal together.  It seems that maybe the act of welcome, of washing the travellers’ feet, has been missed so Jesus undertakes this role as host and as teacher.

There are, yet again, a number of thoughts and learnings to get from this act of service.  Jesus, although the leader of the group and even the Son of God, thinks nothing of serving his friends in this act of welcome and cleansing.  There is no hierarchy in this group and Jesus is showing this.

In our study – Jesus the Game Changer – one of the studies look at the equality that Jesus taught and exampled.  It is this example, this way of living that loved and respected all people regardless of what others may have thought, that changed society in some very deep ways.

The other point I would want to make is Jesus tells his disciples that he had set them an example of how they should be living.  The life of Christ shows us how it is God would want us to live and act whilst we are alive, and it is probably our greatest challenge as followers of Christ.

When I look at the world today, see the war, the injustices, see the lack of respect I ache for the teaching and example of Jesus to come to the forefront of all our relationships and actions.  I do have to remind myself that I can’t change the world, but I can make sure that I live as Christ would have me live with all those around me.

Jay Robinson


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